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Long-Term Care Planning

Elder Law is a board topic, including long-term care planning, assisting in maximizing government benefits, housing options, DHHS appeals, and preventing exploitation or abuse. At Abbey Anderson Law, you are our priority.
We’ve all heard of “Medicaid planning,” but long-term care planning is more than that. We will help you see what your long-term care options are by assessing your situation individually and helping guide you through the process. Long-term care insurance policies can be complicated, and we can help with that. Medicaid applications and the process of applying can be daunting, but we will make it as easy for you and your family as possible.
Have you been denied Medicaid coverage or other services? We can help you handle a DHHS appeal.
If your goal is to remain in your home, we can help you find benefits and services that are right for you. We will also work to ensure that you are protected against financial exploitation and abuse, and work to avoid the necessity of guardianships and conservatorships.
Contact Abbey Anderson Law to schedule an appoint to discuss your Elder Law needs.